In 2013, Adeline Deysel obtained her LLB degree (cum laude) from the University of South Africa (UNISA).

In 2014, Adeline attended the School for Legal Practice (LEAD) through UNISA and has obtained numerous distinctions. These distinctions are awarded to candidates who receive 80% and above for a respective module.

In 2015, Adeline wrote all four of the Attorneys’ Admission Examinations in one session and passed all four of the exams on her first attempt. Due to the fact that articles of clerkship extend over the course of two years, the general practice is for candidates to write two exams in their first year and two exams in their second year. However, Adeline did not shy away from the challenge and successfully completed her Attorneys’ Admission Examinations over the course of two days.

Adeline was admitted as an attorney in August 2015, where after she decided to practice under her own name. Adeline subsequently opened her own firm, Adeline Deysel Attorneys.

In 2016, Adeline completed a Practice Management Course through LEAD, which enabled her to become the director of Adeline Deysel Attorneys. The Practice Management Course is a short course which must be completed by attorneys in order for them to practice as directors in their respective firms.

She was further admitted as an attorney of the High Court in May 2016.

In addition to practising as an attorney, Adeline frequently presents lectures at UNISA in modules such as the Law of Evidence and Criminal Law. Adeline was selected by UNISA to present these modules to law students and commenced tutoring in 2016. Adeline is an active role-player in the legal education of students. She is also the motivational speaker for UNISA students on the orientation days.

In addition to her academic achievements, Adeline continues to contribute to numerous leadership programmes. These programmes include acting as a group leader of a Community/Street Law programme conducted by UNISA and being elected as a director of a mock firm in East London facilitated by the LEAD Practical Legal Training.

Adeline has further been involved with numerous community outreach programmes such as:

  • the UNISA Community/Street Law Programme;
  • The organisation and facilitation of information sessions relating to various topics;
  • Rape and self-defence outreach projects presented to women and children;
  • Bluewater Bay Lifesaving Club – First Aid/Beach Lifeguard;
  • Charity work at the animal shelters.

Adeline is furthermore an active comrade of the National Association of Democratic Lawyers (NADEL) and has been nominated to serve as a member on the provincial council.