In 2014, Dioné Botes commenced her tertiary studies at the Nelson Mandela University (NMU) and obtained her LLB degree (cum laude) in April 2018. Dioné completed every year of her studies with an average above 75% and was therefore on the Dean’s List from 2014 until 2017.

In 2014, Dioné received an award for “Best First Year Law Student 2014” with an overall average of 82.7%. She further received a bursary of R20 000.00 from the Attorneys’ Association of the South Eastern Cape. Dioné also served as a member of the Law Student Society.

In 2015, Dioné became a member of the Golden Key Society. She received an academic award for the outstanding performance in Criminal Law with an average of 87%. She also received an academic award for “Best Second Year LLB Student 2015” with an overall average of 81.6%. Dioné was a member of a Student Enrichment Group which was facilitated by Prof A Mukheibir. Along with a fellow student, Dioné presented a paper titled, The Bloody Hand and Inheritance, at the Private Law and Social Justice Conference.

In 2016, Dioné completed a Trial Advocacy Workshop hosted by the Black Lawyers Association of the Eastern Cape. Dioné was employed by the Law Faculty of NMU as an invigilator and student marker. Dioné continued working as an invigilator until the end of 2017.

In 2018, Dioné attended the School for Legal Practice (LEAD) through NMU.

Dioné was elected by her fellow classmates as a Class Captain at LEAD and was elected as the Managing Director of the mock firm for the Practice Management Course which is presented by LEAD. She was further elected as the Secretary of the Managing Directors’ Meetings which were held by LEAD in Port Elizabeth. Dioné’s firm received the award for “Best Firm in Practice Management” and was awarded a leadership certificate by LEAD.

In June 2018, Dioné was approved for the Graduate Placement Programme facilitated by the Law Society together with SASSETA.

Dioné is an active comrade of the National Association of Democratic Attorneys.

Dioné is further completing an LLM (Criminal Justice) Coursework degree which is completed over a period of 2 years.